Yellow Labrador Puppy Training – Gracie 5 Months old Series 1 – Sit, Stay, Come

Gracie is a 5 month old yellow labrador puppy trained by Randy of Randy is a dog breeder and labrador dog trainer located in Florence Montana.
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Comment (6)

  1. 20 years having labradors, also rescue labradors, never did any training, but other people always telling us, how sweet and good behaving dogs we have, never ever will they walk alway or something bad. Our dogs are everything to us, on holidays, nowhere without our labradors.
    but training, i don,t see the need …..

  2. Great video but you make her sit and then don't give her a "release signal" like "yessss". You call her over (Gracie here). A dog should have a release signal. Good job though and she's a gorgeous dog.

  3. You have a gorgeous puppy.  Actually your dog looks very much like Harry, the cartoon mascot of my Dad's invention StickySheets (a giant piece of tape for removing pet hair).  He is soon commencing a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign and the marketing people want us to find real Fluffy and Harry to be in the new advertising.  Please consider submitting pics or videos of your dog in our "Harry and Fluffy Talent Search".  You can read up about it at  — If we find we can work together in the advertising, you and your dog will be paid nicely.  Hope to talk soon.  Tallon Boley,  StickySheets


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