Sunny the Golden Retriever Puppy Training Session – 13 Weeks Old

Here's a longer video of Sunny doing 16 commands at 13 weeks old. Basic commands like sit, lie down, stay and come he can do without hand signals. He can ... source

Westie puppy -12 weeks – tricks – cute -potty training – West Highland White Terrier -Rose Marie

Westie - West Highland White Terrier- 12 weeks old -how to Potty Train Your Puppy- smart cute funny puppy tricks - clicker training - Rose Marie - ring bell for ... source

German Shepherd puppy obedience training | 9 weeks old | Valor K9 Academy, LLC

Watch as Havok performs sit, platz (down), hier (come here), Fuss (heel), spin and more! Enjoy :) Follow Havok on Facebook @Valor K9 Academy - Spokane For ... source