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Standard Poodle Dog Grooming Severe Mats

A standard poodle's coat is severely matted from not brushing regularly and is being cut with electric clippers. Trying to brush or comb through the mats would ... source

Emergency Dog Grooming – San Jose Animal Care Center

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Pet Grooming Tool | Cat Brush| Dog Comb| Multi-Purpose Pet Brush| Hairball Problem | Pet Brush The Fur-Tastic 2 in 1 De-shedding Tool has a rotating head that easily flips from a rake to a blade. Therefore it can be a ... source

Basic grooming for a Maltese

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Dematting and Brushing your Doodle – Designer Paws Salon This is for Clients with doodle or poodle mix breeds. Shows you how to find mats and how to remove them and how your ... source

GROOMING: Maltese & MATS MATS MATS ~~ HOW to SAFELY Remove a MAT on Dogs Sensitive Areas말티즈

It's Winter and COLD, so our maltese enjoy wearing warm clothes. Clothes can cause mats to form in the arm pit area and around the areas where the clothes is ... source

A Matted Maine Coon Cat

Punkin is a very sweet female Maine Coon. Here she has 5 months of coat growth that has become tightly matted. Clipping the mats away from the skin is the ... source