16 week intelligent Labrador puppy tricks. dog training

Training with my 16 week old Labrador "Odin" source

Puppy Training – Teach your puppy to pay attention

In this amazing and funny video, you will see Sit Means Sit dog trainer Ashton Fitz-Gerald and his 5 month old puppy 'Phender' ... source

Banjo the White Labrador Puppy – Training to wait for food.

This is me at 6 months learning to stay and wait for my food because I like to hoon into it too much...I love food. source

Grooming Guide – Cockapoo- Pro Groomer

Linda Barker gives step-by-step instruction on how to groom a Cockapoo and what challenges to expect when trimming their coats. source

Grooming Guide – Labradoodle – Pro Groomer

Linda Barker takes you through how to groom a Labradoodle and what to expect from the coat of this crossbreed. source

Pitbull lab 8 weeks old puppy training

His name is Jack. we got him at 6 weeks. he is now 8 weeks. hes our first pet. rate the video. leave comments. ask questions. thanks. have a nice day. the audio ... source

Gun Dog Labrador Puppy Training Week 1 (The Sit, The Retrieve, The Down)

Gun Dog Labrador Puppy Training Week 1 (The Sit, The Retrieve, The Down) Free gun dog puppy training. The best to start the gun dog training is in 11 weeks ... source

Labrador 40 days Puppy Training tips

My Sweet Lab Goofy is Doing Everything ....It Is very Sweet And Lovable. source

How To Train A Labrador Puppy In Two Days

How To Train A Labrador Retriever Puppy In Two Days is a short demo video of what happened when my cousins Mike ... source