Standard Poodle Dog Grooming Severe Mats

A standard poodle's coat is severely matted from not brushing regularly and is being cut with electric clippers. Trying to brush or comb through the mats would ... source

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How to Brush your Labradoodle Puppy

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Grooming a Spitz

Koda hasn't had a bath in 4-5 months so i thought i should wash him! Overall it took 3 hours, but it was worth it! Hes so soft and white now :) Instagram- ... source

How to Brush your German Shepherd Dog. timelapse

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Dematting a Yorkie

This Yorkie was very matted and the owner wanted me to save the hair rather than shave it off. I use a gentle and time consuming technique that quite often puts ... source

How to Groom a Matted Shih Tzu

This is a demonstration of how I save a matted coat. Whether you should try to save a matted coat or not should be decided on a case-by-case basis. source