Pelting Hurts

Pelting is a serious problem that cats face. Long haired or short haired, any cat with hair can get matted, and mats lead to pelts. A pelt can kill a cat as it interferes ... source

Basic grooming for a Maltese

Like our new FB page for updates, future giveaways & more info! Products I use: Brush, metal comb, and mustache ... source

Grooming a Spitz

Koda hasn't had a bath in 4-5 months so i thought i should wash him! Overall it took 3 hours, but it was worth it! Hes so soft and white now :) Instagram- ... source

Grooming: Shaving Down an Afghan Hound Matted Dog

Try not to let your fur baby get this matted! This is hard on them as well as the groomer. Watch and see how happy he is when he is cleaned up! Now, this ... source