Retriever Training Water Directional work Puppy Training

Online training manual Goodie is learning to handle on the water. Cute Lab pup with Pat Nolan ... source

2 month pitbull puppy training sit, stay and wait command

im using bill jack liver treats to train buddy some simple commands. source

Dog Training – puppy training techniques

Dog training puppy techniques can be done in a variety of ways. In this daily dog training video, I show one of our trainers (Ashton ... source

Dog Agility Training ‘Tips’ – Agility Ladder

Using an agility ladder to teach a dog to use his hind legs independently and crawl. This can ... source

the Miami Dog Whisperer Dog Training Tip …how to get your dog to sit withing a few minutes!

The Miami Dog Whisperer, Richard Heinz, shows how to get your dog to sit within a few minutes. Dog training tip you can't afford not to watch. Easy, fun and ... source

Puppy Training Lesson 1 – Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Chris Flegler of Sit Means Sit Brisbane, Australia teaches "Beau" the five month old Australian Cattle Dog how to pay attention around some basic distraction. source

Mia Border Collie Puppy Training

DarnFar Border Collie puppy, Mia, learns to present her paw during training. Mia is a couple days shy of 8 weeks old. source

Dog Agility Tip – How to train a dog to wrap a jump.

This video will show you how to get your dog to wrap a jump in dog agility in order to make the dogs turn more ... source

Puppy Training – Teach your puppy to pay attention

In this amazing and funny video, you will see Sit Means Sit dog trainer Ashton Fitz-Gerald and his 5 month old puppy 'Phender' ... source

Dog Training Tip: Don’t say ‘Stay’

Dog Training Tip: Don't say 'Stay'. Hit yellow 'subscribe' button on right. Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise Inc, ... source