Siberian husky puppy training

My 10 week old siberian husky pup.
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  1. Are you kidding me I have a friend who had a doberman he was an idiot never disciplined her and just gave her affection the two bonded but he was rowdy never learned to trust anyone else got put down. I have another friend who has a pitbull and he would bring her and tie her up while we played sports this was when she was young and it was to discipline her how shes full grown responds on command and is one of the friendliest dog I know. when tied we had to be calm and let her be.

  2. You don't know how to train a dog because you can train through any kind of love! It just matters on how the dog is. If your dog is very responsive and smart then you can be all lovey on your dog while training! It makes them less stressed and it makes them trust you. If your dog isn't to responsive or smart then you would use tough love but never hitting. I wouldn't use tough love if I have an option because tough love scares them and it makes them trust you less, and feel stressed. #Goodtips

  3. If the treats aren't working get rid of them. Try a favorite toy used ONLY as a reward when training. Something soft and squeaky. If that doesn't work, try lots of praise and play. My husky was the same. As for the mouthing, AS SOON as your pup does it, grab them around the snout (not hard, just to get their attention) look them in the eye and tell them no. Mine doesn't even mouth anymore at all. Good luck.

  4. if he doesnt respond the first time you need to give it a few seconds dont keep repeating yourself otherwise hes really learning that he doesnt have to do something the first time you say it…but other than that very nice look pup even though hes probably a year and some now haha

  5. its not his training its him. training should be done with tough love, u can love you dog later but when its training time it should be a bit more strict and just as the dog is all over the place his body language should be clam


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