Puppy Training – Potty Training

This video explains how you can potty train your new puppy when you first take them to their new home. For more information visit willowcreekkennels.net.
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  1. Hi! I just got a new puppy that seems a little dependant right now. she will not stop crying unless she's either with me or my other dog making it really hard to crate train. My other dog is not crate trained but I want this one to be. any tips??

  2. I have a puppy with a uti and having a real problem with accidents. It seems like i'm taking her out all the time. How much time out of the kennel should she have for free timeĀ and should it be outside and not in the house. She's 11 weeks today

  3. A little dominance will help with biting, nipping and jumping. If you move your hand away when he nips it becomes a game, or prey. We will grab the pups muzzle and gently shake (not too much!) while making an "ah ah" sound or a psssshhht sound. Try not to let the pup displace you or the kids. Give the kids a "buddy stick" which helps keep the pup at a safe distance. We've also used a squirt bottle to discourage these behaviors. You could also hold him on his back until he submits, or relaxes.

  4. See the reply above to Charles. Dogs are pack animals and don't really like to be left alone. Puppies are like babies and they really don't want to be left alone. We often keep the crate in the living room, where there is always people coming and going. We also will buddy up a young pup with an older dog to make them feel more comfortable at night.

  5. Kind of. When you let her out you want to wait for a brief pause in her whining. You can try clapping your hands to redirect the her focus from whining to you and then let her out when she is quiet. You can also slide or shake the crate to redirect focus. A squirt bottle also works. Find a way to get her to stop and then let her out. If the pup is whining for a really long time that may be another issue. Try keeping the crate around a busy place where the pup won't feel alone.

  6. Try keeping the puppy busy and don't leave him alone. It's like a small child, they don't like to be alone. If you are looking for helping him to be comfortable in the crate, try using the crate training video. We usually start with collar training around 4 months. As long as the dog responds to it well you can do it at any time.

  7. What is a good age to start training my pup is six weeks old and cries a lot what is the best way to get him going he is good with the target training and I'm thinking about using the color next I have a DT micro

  8. You can move fast with training but usually you'll find some things that will need a little help if you move to quickly. There's time when you can ask too much of a dog as well. They should have a positive experience throughout their training. There's really no substitute for birds. You can work the dog on bumpers and reinforce the behavior, but they need to practice on real birds. Pigeons are a good bird to practice on. Find them on your local Craigslist.

  9. Chad I'm curious how fast can u train if ur dog is getting everything quick and also if I don't have good access to birds what would be a good scenario for me? I only have hunting season and quail is the most hunted bird here and I can't just go get them what can I do for birds ?

  10. Hi Chad, we just got our WPG puppy and she's been doing great with the kennel thanks to these videos. At night, she will whine for quite a while, but we will ignore it unless its been 3-4 hours. When it has been this long, I know she has to eliminate so I take her out and she does. Am I reinforcing her whining by letting her out when she whines to pee? Thanks.

  11. The pup needs to be conditioned to the crate. If you always let him out when he whines you reinforce that behavior. If you ignore him and do not give him any attention (LRS, or least reinforced scenario) he will learn that he will not be reinforced for whining. Eventually he should extinguish (reduce) the behavior and some pups will take longer to learn this than others. Don't forget to reinforce good behavior when he is quiet!


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