How To Teach Your Dog To Catch A Frisbee – Tips and Tricks –

In this video, I took my 12 week old German Shepherd and taught him how to catch a frisbee within a month. It could have been less than a month because I had …
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  1. Thanks for the video. graet ideas. The best lessons that I have saw was at Brainy paws (searched google) Without a doubt the most incredible dog training tips that I have ever tried.

  2. my dog is afraid of everything and i feel sooo bed for her, but she has tons of energy so I want to teach her how to play with a frisbee. Every time I throw it or roll it she will chase it, but she will never dare to put the frisbee in her mouth. What should i do?

  3. Training my 4 week old GS now. He has all the basic commands including recall and stay. He is a smart one. Just started the freebie training a few days ago. Do they eventually start running for the freebie instinctually?

  4. cute pup. Though I must point out that he is only 12 weeks in the video, like you stated. It is waaaaay to early to be teaching a puppy to be jumping up to catch a frisbee. Their growth plates are in pretty critical condition at this age, they are working hard to fill out right. No dogs growth plates are finished closing untill about 16 months of age. Early jumping (like this) causes severe damage and joint problems.Β 

  5. lol…sorry bud…your very right…i musta been having a bad day or somethin to comment like that…really love animals n dogs…..haha sorry mate i was silly to type that …..maybe the purpose of the universe having me comment like a jackass was soo you or someone else would get the gift of da13thsun youtube…or maybe soo we could all enjoy a laugh shakeing our heads saying wtf

  6. wtf…u runnin out of spirtual and applicable info to share or what….this site and channel has a mission…i thought….dog info? serious….Frizbees? cmon dude put that on another channel…..just silly to put that here unless ur struggling for new info…….go to da13thsun channel

  7. Sammy is so cute and smart! One day when I'll have a dog again I'll be teaching him how to catch a frisbee! Loved your video! My previous dog ( AmStaff) was absolutely carazy about fetching a tennis ball πŸ™‚ had to put her to sleep as well because she got cancer. She was my biggest love.

  8. I've a chicken dog, he thinks it's best when mom goes and gets it… but the slower, incremental work seems to be where I need to go to… sort-of like reverse training for the older pooch (mine is four yrs. now)… I still have Hope! ;-))


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