Darrens dog training tips pulling on lead

how to stop your dog pulling on the lead.
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  1. So in the first half you claim yanking the dog back will have no effect, then go on to show how yanking the dog back is the correct way to stop pulling. You don't have a clue. Competition healing requires the dog to be on your left. Unless you're training for competition healing, there's no reason to have the dog on your left.
    You also say you don't use treats ? Why not ? Why not reward the dog when he gets it right ?

  2. Thanks heaps for that information I have a lot of trouble with my dog atm he just goes all over the place and keeps on pulling on the lead and his eyes are wide open he is really excited all the time when we go for a walk. Take him for a walk at least 3 times a day I do

  3. Thanks for the great video hoping to get my boy trained in the new year been using a gentle leader for couple years and I have a slip lead already but not as long as yours I have ordered a longer one off ebay £3.95 

  4. I have been the owner of a 3 year old Chow Chow for less than one week. He was previously trained by my Son, passed on to his Son with no re-enforced training. When I took him I was with him at Grandson's home for a day so he could get used to me. Then a 400 mile drive to my home. Intially, I've been able to enforce sit-stay. He pulls a lot. The walking collar given doesn't work well, although it works better than just the neck collar. I'll check if this slip leash is available here in the USA.

  5. I got fed up with my dog peeing on the kitchen floor, and decided it was about time i got him to some sort of dog training. I found onlinedogtraining.us which was a lot btter than any of the dog training classes i had been to, and was a really easy online program to follow.

  6. the reason they are on the left is an alpha male senario and a security reason. its a way of protecting the alpha male as most animals attack from the left and your dog is on your left then they know you are the alpha male so it makes it easier to train and they protect you.

  7. Nice video man, would you let me know of those reasons to keep the dog on your left side? I may be adopting a two year old American pitbull terrier, and all advice is helpful.

  8. this is an outdated method …i have been training for over 30 yrs and positive reinforcement works so much better. using treats the dog learns to stay at your side and pay attention to you, this yanking method is outdated and can harm the dog…

  9. Great Video. Trying to train my Boxer who pulls like mad so much my girlfriend cant walk him. I have been trying all the ways you just told me not to. I'll be getting that slip lead.

  10. well your all wrong im afraid im not from belfast nor ireland nor essex or midlands, so to stop the arguing i am actually from southampton with a bit of london and bucks thrown in for good measure.

  11. the guy in this video is from either norf london or essex way.
    If anyone thinks this is a Irish accent they ain't irish.
    Although if you go many many, years back the the Pics were mainly south of the Celts which lived above the midlands, They have their own dialect( which is a mix of the two) thats why no one understands Brummies.
    The dog traning video is interesting tho, Basic but most of it works, All depends on your breed of dog…………

  12. keep him on the left if he tries to cross over then stick your foot out and pulkl him back gently, also what you can do as soon as he starts to pull or cross over then stop!!!!! and pull him back and put him in a sit and start again. another way is to turn on the spot as soon as he starts pulling walk the other way for few steps then turn back again, praise him when walking fine.

  13. are you a dog trainer? i suspect not but one of these who trained their own dog and thinks they know it all.infact the slip lead is the best method as doesnt tighten and does loosen. a collar and lead is rubbish as you are pulling on the same area and doing no good at all.if you use the lead corectly you will have only used it a couple of times so all done as you see in the video after 4 minutes the dog is cured with a collar and lead you will be doing this all day every day so more damage.

  14. any dog can learn to heel without the need of a choke lead. infact its better not to have one because if you use one when you tug all it does is tighten around their necks, and many dogs wont bother paying attention to this, often leading to neck problems. if you use a normal lead all you need is a sharp tug and your dog immediatly knows it has done wrong and will come to heel causing a lot less needless pain in the process.

  15. the reason they are on the left is an alpha male and security reason. its a way of protecting the alpha male and your dog is on your left then they know you are the alpha male so it makes it easier to train and they protect you.

  16. @migranehooo
    sorry for late reply been on me hols if you gon ebay an type in rolled leather slip lead look for a 6mm or 8mm cost around a tenner make sure it has a slider/stopper, the ones in shops arent that good and can hurt your hand better off with leather

  17. have just taken on a ex-racing greyhound who is very spirited and pulls like mad – until last night that is – followed your advice and the transformation was unreal. Really relaxing walk for a change and he clearly was happier after too – thank you very much for posting! Legend.


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