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Capturing Calmness- how to train calmness in dogs- dog training

This video is a tutorial on how to teach your puppy or dog to be calm. Some dogs need help to learn how to relax. Calmness does not come naturally to some ... source

The safety leave it! – clicker dog training

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Mia Border Collie Puppy Training

DarnFar Border Collie puppy, Mia, learns to present her paw during training. Mia is a couple days shy of 8 weeks old. source

Dog Agility Tip – How to train a dog to wrap a jump.

This video will show you how to get your dog to wrap a jump in dog agility in order to make the dogs turn more ... source

Adult Dog Potty Training Tips

Housebreaking an adult dog can be difficult but not impossible. It takes patience, and perseverance. Check out our blog for extra tips on how to potty train your ... source

Dog Training Tips: Recall, by Lucinda Glenny of Canine Campus

Dog Training Tips: Recall.Renowned trainer Lucinda Glenny CPDT-KA, owner of Canine Campus , shared her pro secrets and tips for training the Recall Cue. source

Dog training 101: How To Train A Small Dog

Sarah Hodgson, professional dog trainer and best selling author of 10 dog training guide books goes over the details with the adorable Bradley on how to train a ... source

Part 4 Train My French Bulldog Crate Training Method | Dog Training Tips

Flora the French Bulldog features in this dog training tutorial - How to teach your older dog or puppy to love going into and being inside their crate. Join our tribe ... source

Dog Training Tips : Keeping Dogs Off The Couch

Learn tips on how to keep your dogs off the couch in this free video clip on how to train them. Expert: Marshall Mills Bio: Marshall Mills has had his dog since she ... source