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Ear hair how to remove

I demonstrate how to remove the hair from inside the dogs ear. It is important to keep that clean so the ear can breathe. source

Cosmetology Tricks of the Trade : How to Get Rid of Matted Hair Clumps

Learn tricks of the trade for removing matted hair clumps in this free beauty video clip. Expert: Hayley Kaufman Bio: Hayley Kaufman's life-long ambition has ... source

How To Detangling Your Dogs Hair Easy And Fast Without Pain.

How To Detangling Your Dogs Hair Easy And Fast Without Pain.Use Moroccanoil Oil for the hair it is the best on market with pure argan oil, and then detangling ... source

Dog Grooming : How to Use Dog Clippers

When using dog clippers, it's important to use a table in which the dog can be comfortably positioned and possibly restrained. Find out how to hold dog clippers ... source

How To Trim A Bichon Frise By Hand Scissoring Using Curved Shears Or Scissor

This video shows how to hand scissor and trim a bichon frise. This shows several styles for the bishon. For more breeds and tutorials please visit our site at ... source

How I keep my Shih Tzu’s face trimmed between groomer visits

Step by step illustration, on how I keep my Shih Tzu's face trimmed between groomer visits. Benefits are, less eye irritation and a neater cuter Shih Tzu. source

Dog hair matting near Dalai’s ears

Dog hair matting near Dalai's ears. Dalai's auntie(yee yee) is an expert in removing matted dog hair. Ananda the Labradoodle is on the couch watching and ... source

Grooming a Show Style Long Haired Dachshund

Grooming a Show Style Long Haired Dachshund with Lindsey Dicken NCMG Top winning pet stylist Lindsey Dicken shows you how to trim the whiskers off the ... source

Plucking the Hair from Your Shih Tzu’s Ears

This video shows how I pluck the hair out of my Shih Tzu "Papi Chulo's" ears. source