Popular Puppy Training Videos

Puppy Training and Imprinting

There is a very short window of opportunity to shape who your puppy is going to be as an adult dog. Typically this window of "critical imprinting" is between the ... source

service dog puppy in training

Teaching a 7 week old puppy to retrieve and tug the social way without using treat rewards. Visit psychiatricservicedogs.com for video on training with treats. source

Grooming Tips From The Pros

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Dog training event is back!

You wanted it - we brought it back! Enjoy one of the most successful additions to the game - the Training event! source

Recommended Products

Company of Animals The Pet Corrector, 30ml

Snakes, insects and birds such as geese, use their hiss sound to drive off predators and our domesticated pets have an instinctive sensitivity to this sound. The Pet Corrector emits a hiss of air which mimics this sound, to interrupt undesirable behaviors in dogs such as jumping up or stealing. There is a detailed training [...]

Crazy Dog Train-Me Training Rewards for Dogs, Chicken, 4-Ounce

The Original meaty Train-Me! dog treat & training reward. Dogs learn quick with Train-Me! dog treats.Train your dog the easy way! Made & Sourced in USA.Meat is #1 ingredient. No BHA, BHT, EthoxyquinCreated to ATTRACT, FOCUS, MOTIVATE & REWARD dog!Speeds up the learning curve - approx. 170 treats.Low fat, low cal, good for repetitive training. [...]

Petsafe Vibration Dog Training Collar

Spend less time training and more time enjoying quality time with your dog. The PetSafe Vibration Remote Trainer helps you control your dog without a leash from up to 100 yards away. The remote trainer is a safe, effective way to teach better behavior or basic obedience commands. At the push of a button, your [...]
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